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Beer Beverage Center Colonie Albany

Can I bring any brand of returnable container to Colonie Beverage?

Yes, as a Registered Redemption Center all brands of returnable containers are accepted for redemption. Not all retail establishments can do that for you. Colonie Beverage can! 


Is there a limit on how many returnable containers that I can bring in to Colonie Beverage?

No, we put no limits on the number of containers that you can bring in to us. You don't have to make multiple trips or adhere to time limits at Colonie Beverage. We appreciate your business and will get you in and out as fast as we can. We do ask that if you are bringing in a large load that you try to come at least 20 minutes prior to our closing to ensure you get the fastest service.


Do all beverage containers have to be redeemed?

No, only those that are charged the 5 cent deposit. Any container without the 5 cent deposit should be recycled with your normal trash pickup. After 10/31/09 bottled water has been added to the types of containers charged the 5 cent deposit, making those containers returnable. With the amount of bottled water that is consumed, your volume of returnable containers could increase. Let Colonie Beverage assist you with your increased volume and choose one of our services that best fits your needs. Colonie Beverage will continue keep you up to date with all of the law changes as they happen. (If you happen to mistakenly place one or two non-returnable containers in your bag, Colonie Beverage won't hold it against you. We'll make sure they get properly recycled, no charge!)


Is it worth it for me to take the time to return my returnable bottles and cans?

It certainly is. You pay this deposit on every returnable container that you purchase. This can be anywhere from 3-5% or more of your total cost. Colonie Beverage takes away the time-consuming part of redeeming bottles and cans. You can bring them in for immediate refund,or drop them off. Use the method that is better for you. If you don't return them, you are "throwing" this money away, literally. The way the economy is these days, every nickel is important. And you can feel good about doing something good for our environment.





Albany Colonie Beverage Center

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Colonie Beverage is Registered with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as a Redemption Center.


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